Teacher and Parent Resources

The following is a list of resources that we have come across while conducting our research. They are available so that teachers and parents can have access to more extensive information about a specific topic.

Stranger Danger:

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Online Resources for Stranger Danger:


From the Illinois Library Association, this site is a resource for educators, parents, and students. The NetSafe site emphasizes the importance of education students to make wise decisions when it comes to Internet safety. The site features a list of links to different articles, conferences and website resources as well as NetSafe documents featured around topics such as cyberbullying and how to use the internet safely.


Also from the Illinois Library Association, this site offers a comprehensive list of web resources for parents, children, teens, and educators. Categories of resources include: Online Safety, Designed-For-Young People Search Engines, Websites for Parents, Young People and Librarians, and Privacy Issues.


This webpage is sponsored through the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. There are different sections for parents and guardians, educators, law enforcement, teens, and kids. Information is geared toward younger adoclescents.


Coglink is a personalized, simple-to-use, safe email program that comes with automated training and unlimited access to our friendly HelpDesk staff for questions and troubleshooting. Coglink helps you build your own community of email buddies. We will personalize your email software to include just the people you want to email with. Those who send spam and viruses will be left out of your community. Coglink also offers a learning center which educates individuals on safe use of email and the internet as well as teaching information about wireless internet use and how to access the internet. Created by Personalized Technologies.

Online Resources for Cyberbullying:

iSAFE: Online Safety Website for Parents and Educators


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