Personal Information Sharing:

Privacy Settings:

  • Tutorials– Updated videos by our team on Facebook privacy settings
  • GetNetWise– Videos for privacy settings on both Facebook and Myspace (from 2008)
  • Connect Safely– Videos for privacy setting on Facebook (from 2010), one below and second can be found after clicking on the Connect Safely link

Photo/Video Posting:

Here is an Adding Appropiate Pictures Lesson Plan.  It tells how to teach the decison making process of whether or not a picture would be good to post to a social networking site.  To go along with the lesson, here is a visual prompt for  Adding Pictures.

Friends Additions:

Here is an Appropriate Friends Addition Lesson Plan.  It tells how to teach the decision making process of how to decide if a person would be good to add or request as a friend on a social networking sites.  Also, here is a visual poster on Adding Friends that goes along with the lesson plan.

Wall Posting, Status Updates, and Twitter Feeds:

  • Wall Posting Visual– For download; for printing, laminating, posting, and customization.
  • Wall Posting Lesson Plan– For download; partner activity in which students verbally post on each other’s walls and create personal idea charts for wall posting, status updates, and tweets. Great inclusive activity with a peer buddy!

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