We have provided additional online resources along with their descriptions in case the user wishes to explore the topics discussed even further.

  • The Health Resources and Services Administration campaign educates children and adults about cyberbullying and improving community prevention efforts.

  • Also from the Illinois Library Association, this site offers a comprehensive list of web resources for parents, children, teens, and educators. Categories of resources include: Online Safety, Designed-For-Young People Search Engines, Websites for Parents, Young People and Librarians, and Privacy Issues.

  • This site provides timely educational materials and commentary geared toward teens by providing videos and other educational materials.

  • Kid-friendly government website that tells kids about the dangers of downloading, plagiarism, talking to strangers online

  • This site provides timely educational materials and commentary geared toward teens by providing videos and other educational materials.

  • From the Illinois Library Association, this site is a resource for educators, parents, and students. The NetSafe site emphasizes the importance of education students to make wise decisions when it comes to Internet safety. The site features a list of links to different articles, conferences and website resources as well as NetSafe documents featured around topics such as cyberbullying and how to use the internet safely.

  • An online guide which informs parents of their rights in regards to internet content, and how a site can be taken down if it has personal information about their child. It also includes various other pertinent safety tips when surfing online, or even when children are using their cell phones.

The Parents’ Guide to the Information Superhighway

  • This is a PDF file of a packet of information put together by The Children’s Partnership with the National PTA and The National Urban League which describes “rules and tools” for families online.

  • The Center for Safe and Responsible Internet Use provides researched based educational materials for teenagers, parents, and schools.

  • Provides guidelines, research and other resources for educators, parents and children to encourage safe use of the Internet, including avoiding cyber threats.

  • Enables victims of Internet-related crimes to file complaints, which are then referred to law-enforcement and regulatory agencies.

  • A nonprofit foundation dedicated to educating students on how to avoid inappropriate and unlawful online content; various services include the i-Learn Online program and the i-Mentor network to provide an “On Demand” learning experience.

  • Educates the public about cyberbullying and strategies for protection against Internet harassment. The NCPC’s Web site links to publications and other organizations for research on cyberbullying.

  • Created by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and the Boys and Girls Clubs of America, the interactive workshop offers a wide variety of resources warning parents, teens, educators and law-enforcement officials about the dangers that exist on the Internet. The site links to videos, CyberTiplines and personal accounts of Internet exploitation. Information is geared toward younger adolescents.

  • This site provides timely educational materials and commentary geared toward teens.

  • The online safety group offers educational and help services to victims of cybercrimes like cyberbullying, hacking, identity theft and child pornography. In conjunction with and, the group promotes safe and responsible technology use.

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